How to Achieve the "WOW" Factor

How To Achieve The “WOW” Factor

When selling your home, less is more. Clear off countertops, put away small appliances and keep table tops clear.

It is important for a buyer to be able to visualize themselves and their things in your home. By removing personal photos they can really start to envision themselves living there.

Deep Clean
Get out the cleaner, duster, mop, and get to work! Clean your house from top to bottom. This includes fans, light fixtures, baseboards, and all the nooks and crannies of your home.

Make Repairs
Now is the time to make any repairs that you’ve been putting off for your home. This would include any patchwork required for your drywall, loose toilets, squeaky doors, loose cupboard doors, replacing burnt out light bulbs, replacing your furnace filter, replacing outlet covers etc. The small details matter!

Curb Appeal
Your first impression is from the driveway. Prepare your home by cutting your grass, weeding your garden, power wash your home, purchase fresh flowers or planters and really make your home stand out. Throw away any debris, tuck away your garbage and recycle bins. Make your home a showstopper from the outside to draw potential buyers into your home. Don’t forget your backyard it’s just as important as the front.

Smells Good
Open the windows get some fresh air in your home. Don’t cook any food before a booked showing that have a heavy smell, like garlic and onions. Stop smoking in your home! If you have pets keep their areas clean and bathe your dogs often.

Lots of Light
Turn on the lights and open the curtains and blinds. The more light your home has the larger it will look and more appealing it will be. You want your home to feel bright and airy. If you know there is a room in your home that doesn’t get enough natural light, leave your lights on in that room during showings so potential buyers will have the best first impression.

Touch Up Paint
Take the time to touch up any scratches on the wall, patch work you may have done and touch up those baseboards. Ideally, the less work that needs to be done in a home the higher the price you can command for it.

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